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The most important raw material is the PTFE (100% pure or charged with glass fibre, inox, steel, bronze-graphite carbon) technical plastics (delrin, nylon, peek, pvc), rubber and derivates (viton, silicone, perbunan, epdm, hypalon and neoprene). With an elaborated transformation process, we can produce products with specific characteristics following the quality norms of ISO 9001:2000, offering exclusive pieces to limited series as soon as possible.

PTFE, technical plastics a wide range that goes from gaskets and valve seats for all measures, springs with or without load graphite, any piece of laboratory and industrial chemical plants, the PTFE compounds can be supplied in a semi-finished bar and mechanized doll or in part depending on application.

Rubber and derivates butterfly seatings and RACORD sealings, stators for screw pumps with hopper, “kiber” and “mono kiber”, cured in a metal jacket following a prolonged duration and reduced distortion. We can manufacture any piece according to your needs.

Plastic injection we can also offer various products, as we have injection machines from 65 to 250 tons
PTFE manufactures Viton silicone rubber and derivates